Our Aim & Objectives

OASIS I-TECH aim is to impart skills to the unemployed youths of India for their better future. We committed to create skilled workforce for India. OASIS I-TECH believes that the key factor of social development are skills and knowledge that pave the way towards a better career for the current and future generation of our country. We are committed to eliminate the unemployment from India. OASIS I-TECH is one of the leading skill development & training institute in India offering skill development programs, vocational training and job oriented courses for uplift of the youth. Other aim and objectives of OASIS I-TECH are as:


  • To promote Indian education all over the world.
  • The provide opportunities of education for economically poor and needy.
  • The open educational institute for young kids and unemployed youth.
  • To manage, run and establish best quality educational institute all over the India.
  • To organize seminars, symposium for young and old.
  • To work for the educational uplift of illiterate.
  • To work for community development and welfare of the economically and socially backwards.
  • To arrange competitions in every fields of education for the growth of young.
  • To maintain educational library science equipments and play room.
  • To provide free education for helpless and poor and also to rural areas.
  • To promote cultural education and social sprit among the society.
  • To provide non-formal education and to conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subject relating to education.
  • To arrange and manage the vocational training institution in management, hotel management, computer , fine arts, crafts, music, painting, dancing, yoga, fashion-designing, cutting & tailoring, embroidery, beautician, technical and other professional training subjects courses.
  • To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness programmer’s symposiums, cultural-programmers, press conference and seminars.
  • To provide food, clothes, medical-aid, stationary, laboratories, rearing room, hostel, playground, swimming pool and other facilities to student.


The objectives of OASIS I-TECH on skill development are:
  • Create opportunities for all to acquire skills throughout life, and especially for youth, women and disadvantaged groups.
  • Promote commitment by all stakeholders to own skill development initiatives.
  • Develop a high-quality skilled workforce/ entrepreneur relevant to current and emerging employment market needs.
  • Develop a high-quality skilled workforce/ entrepreneur relevant to current and emerging employment market needs.
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