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Oasis i-tech provides you job oriented, work related, skill-based education.

We offering various industry integrated professional, vocational & job oriented diplomas & certification courses like Business Management, Hotel Management, Fire-Safety, Teaching, IT, Technical & Vocational and Other Job oriented courses through regular, online and distance learning mode.

Rising youth unemployment, especially for young women, .

is one of the most significant problems facing economies and societies today in developed and developing countries. Globally, the youth unemployment rate is nearly three times that of the rest of the population.At the same time, many industries struggle to find staff with the necessary skills, and existing skills development may not prepare people adequately for jobs..

We provide Vocation and Technical education for:

2020. It was a great year.

  • Better support young people to transition into employment.
  • Develop technical skills, and employment and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Better match skills development to industry demand.
  • Train and assess for competency.
  • Increase access and cost-effectiveness to meet the growing demand.
  • Support lifelong learning
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